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Proven Eco Friendly Product Range

Nanotech Products offer the most comprehensively researched and proven nanotechnology enabled, surface coatings currently available. Nanoman products are uniquely all Eco-friendly and specifically designed to provide maximum protection from water, mineral deposits, oil, dirt, fungus and mold on all new and existing surfaces thereby providing the best long term outcomes for all surface types.

Hydrophilic Process Seals Surfaces

This process allows the surface to become super hydrophobic ( where the fluids that reach the surface will now unable to penetrate the surface, form beads and run down) or super-hydrophilic (liquid to reach the surface, form a liquid film and expire if any). This means that the surfaces are sealed, protected against attack and therefore water-repellent.

As well as providing heightened protection this process also facilitates easier cleaning of the surface. There are also spray coatings available, which form nano-structures. These coatings are applied to previously micro structured surfaces, where a lotus effect can be achieved. Such treated surfaces are chemically stable and exhibit great resilience.

Optimal Fabric Protection

Nanoman Fabric Spray provides optimal protection for car seats and convertible roofs, whilst the look, feel and functionality of the fabric remain unchanged with a typical duration of up to thirty washes. As such this product not only provides enduring quality but also represents remarkable value and cost effectiveness.

Permanently Dry Waterproofing

Nanoman Fabric treatment provides waterproofing for any fabric in its everyday use which ensures the item remains permanently dry. Oil, coffee, wine and other leading causes of stains are powerless to stain any fabric pre-treated with Nanoman Fabric. Unlike other commonly available products on the market today, Nanoman Fabric is uniquely a water based product that is both environmentally friendly and totally harmless to the skin.

Water Based and Non Flammable

Additionally Nanoman Fabric is both odour free and importantly being water based, is non-flammable. As a further endorsement of its’ standing, it has also been certified to carry the much sought after Eco Passport in Europe.

Useful For All Fabrics

Nanotechnology Enabled Textile and Fabric Coat is a potent and widely used sealant that protects: Fabric, Leather Suede, Canvas and Textile surfaces from water, dirt, contaminants and stains, whilst always remaining totally invisible and thereby not adversely affecting the appearance of the fabric.

As well it allows the fabric to breath and does not alter the feel of the fabric either.

Anti-Adhesion Coating Protects Each Fibre

After being applied to the fabric, Nanoman Textile surrounds the surface of every fibre with an anti-adhesion coating ensuring dirt cannot adhere to the material whilst ensuring also that liquid cannot be absorbed into the treated surface.

Water, coffee and liquid substances are routinely repelled from treated surfaces. Nanoman Textile is the ideal sealant for all textiles made from wool, silk, synthetics, suede, canvas and leather, with the look, feel and functionality of the fabric remaining completely unchanged. It can be effortlessly applied to any textile, from the finest silk to hard wearing cotton suits, jackets, shirts blouses, sports jackets, ties, trousers, track suits, jeans, raincoats, cycle clothing, leather garments and adventure wear.

21st Century Formulation

Nanoman’s 21st century formulation provides previously undreamt of level of protection for additional products ranging from upholstery and sofas, to car seats and even high traffic areas such as public transport seating. Nanoman Textile is also ideal on outdoor fabric used in awnings, umbrellas, sun shades, marquees and tents that need to cope with and endure against the constant damaging effects of the elements. It protects against water, dirt and stains and stay invisible. In fact rain on the treated surface acts as a cleaner as the rain is unable to penetrate into the surface with water forming droplets and rolling off taking dirt and dust with them.

Alcohol Free and Friendly To Sensitive Skin

Being alcohol free Nanoman and water based makes Nanoman Textile harmless to the skin. It contains no harmful substances as evidenced by its Eco-Passport, where the Eco Passport is only issued after independent laboratory testing confirms its proven safety and suitability in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Applications for both caravans and motor homes with awnings and annexes, camper trailers upholstery, carpet auto fabrics convertible soft tops upholstery including leather, carpets dashboards, baby seats, apparel clothing, work wear, shoes, baby bibs carry bags, back packs, lounge suite curtains, carpet, awnings and shade sails.

Summary of Key Benefits

Nanoman products are water repellent (hydrophobic), UV-stable, Anti-Bacterial, alcohol free, odourless, water based, environmentally friendly, food grade, stable at varying temperatures and Eco Passport Certified.

The water rolls-off the surface forming a Self-Cleaning Effect. Effortless application through spraying.

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