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Auto Paint Sealant

Nanoman Auto paint Sealant will protect your cars painted surfaces and offers a highly durable layer that will help repel water, dirt, grime, and dust making it more difficult for contaminants to adhere onto the paint work.

The coating bonds with the paint surface which reduces the sticking ability of dirt, insects and pollution.

The deep, glowing shine it leaves is a stunning benefit where the coated surfaces can then be easily cleaned with water in a fraction of the time would normally have taken and at no cost. The creamy-liquid formula contains clustered nano-particles that refresh the paint and, at the same time providing proven protection and easy to clean characteristic.

Proven Eco Friendly Product Range

Nanotech Products offer the most comprehensively researched and proven nanotechnology enabled, surface coatings currently available. Nanoman products are uniquely all Eco-friendly and specifically designed to provide maximum protection from water, mineral deposits, oil, dirt, fungus and mold on all new and existing surfaces thereby providing the best long term outcomes for all surface types.

Hydrophilic Process Seals Surfaces

This process allows the surface to become super hydrophobic ( where the fluids that reach the surface will now unable to penetrate the surface, form beads and run down) or super-hydrophilic (liquid to reach the surface, form a liquid film and expire if any). This means that the surfaces are sealed, protected against attack and therefore water-repellent.

As well as providing heightened protection this process also facilitates easier cleaning of the surface. There are also spray coatings available, which form nano-structures. These coatings are applied to previously micro structured surfaces, where a lotus effect can be achieved. Such treated surfaces are chemically stable and exhibit great resilience.

Summary of Key Benefits

Nanoman products are water repellent (hydrophobic), UV-stable, Anti-Bacterial, alcohol free, odourless, water based, environmentally friendly, food grade, stable at varying temperatures and Eco Passport Certified.

The water rolls-off the surface forming a Self-Cleaning Effect. Effortless application through spraying.

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