Fantastic 6000 RBT Automatic Roof Vent with Thermostat 35cm x35cm

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Stylish design, aesthetically pleasing looks and boasting an array of leading product features, Fantastic provide an impressive range of quality caravan roof vents that will complement and enhance the look of any caravan.

The versatility of the unit is underpinned by its three speed, reversible fan, where the user selects a speed (1-low, 2-medium or 3-high). Ease of use is standard with the unit by placing the IN/OUT switch in the center (neutral) position that can also turn off the fan blade. This model has a built-in thermostat where the fan will operate efficiently at one of three pre-selected speeds when the thermostat signals a desired setting. Once the thermostat is satisfied, the fan shuts off automatically to maintain the ambient temperature.

Additionally there is an automatic Dome Opener with a built-in Rain Sensor. This model is activated when the three speed switch is turned to any of the three speed selections. The dome cover is opened when the dome up switch is activated and closed when the down feature of the switch is selected. To activate the fan blade, the built-in thermostat must be turned to a temperature selection, which is lower (cooler) than the current interior temperature. Once the selected temperature is attained, the fan blade will shut off, but the dome will remain open until the down feature is selected or the built-in rain sensor becomes wet. Once the sensor dries, the dome will re-open.

For added convenience and functionality, an additional built-in manual knob can be used to manually close the dome in an emergency, to adjust the dome to a desired partially open level, or to override the rain sensor.

For storage, the dome switch must be in the down position and the three-speed switch in the off ("O") position.

Designed to provide true comfort by delivering temperature consistency.

Fantastic caravan roof vent 6000 RBT auto 3 speed

  • Three fan speeds low, medium, high
  • Rain Sensor
  • Reverse Fan switch
  • Easy removable fly screen
  • 10 fan blades
  • Low Noise High Performance Vent Fan
  • will exchange the air in your vehicle in minutes
  • 12 V DC variable speed motor with 10 blades
  • built-in thermostat regulates the fan according to the inside temperature of the vehicle
  • Automatic Opening Dome


  • Polycarbonate dome (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Roof opening 355.6mm x 355.6mm
  • Feeding tension: 12 Vcc
  • Absorbed power 36 W
  • Min electric input: 0,3 Amp
  • Max electric input: 3 Amp
  • Max air flow: 26 m³/min
  • Fan diameter: 300 mm Permanent air flow 80 cm²
  • Dimensions: 420 mm x 420 mm x 115
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Fan Size: 305 mm
Type Colour
Outside Frame White
Inside Frame White
Dome Smoke

Polycarbonate dome has a life time manufacturers warranty. After 4 years, freight charges will apply.

Warranty: 24 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Operating Manual       Installation Instructions

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